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Impex Global is one of the largest suppliers and distributors of plastic films, industrial films, and packaging products in North America. Headquartered in Houston, Texas, USA, Impex has been at the forefront of the import, export, distribution and manufacturing of almost all types of film substrates in industries that require such products for the past 18 years. Impex Global is truly a global company, with sales offices in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Italy, and India. Our worldwide reach helps our customers keep in touch with the ever changing domestic and international packaging and plastic markets.

We have ten warehouse locations in Trenton, NJ, Fountain Inn, SC, Houston, TX, Buffalo, NY, Chicago, IL, Kansas City, Missouri, St. Louis, Missouri, Oakland, Ca, Reno, NV, Los Angeles, CA, Bramton, Ontario and Denver, Colorado. We have a custom slitting operation at our plant in Houston with two new Cameron slitters that can slit material out as wide as 80 inches, or as narrow as 1.5 inches. Additionally, we have a full time Logistics and Customer Service Manager to track your orders and shipments. Our staff in Houston is experienced in both domestic and international shipments.

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As suppliers, we have developed strong relationships with major manufacturers around the globe. Impex Global represents a number of internationally renowned plastic extruders, producers and mills that span the entire packaging market to meet any need our customers have. Our understanding of the international film and paper markets enables us to service all of your domestic and international sales needs in North America, South America, Europe, the Middle East, and the Far East. Our team can source any film substrate with the quality you demand, at the price required, anywhere in the world.

Impex Global is your one stop shop for PET, BOPP, Nylon, Foil, Synthetic Paper, or any specialty film you need. Whether you are an end user or a converter, Impex Global can service your needs.

About Us

Impex Global stocks large inventories of BOPP, CPP, PET, NYLON, Foil, Metallized and Coated Films at our ten warehouse locations in North America. This enables us to service the ever changing and fast paced packaging market.

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